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Let your Employees Guide Your Digital Transformation

Updated: Aug 12, 2018

Digital transformation has been a buzzword for years, and many business leaders now realize they have little to show for the major tech and personnel investments they’ve made. According to Capgemini, only 39% of organizations feel they have the digital capabilities needed to achieve their digital transformation goals.

The C-suite don’t realise

In the frustration of waiting for their efforts to pay off, many members of the C-suite don’t realise that the digital transformation mission doesn't impact their front-line employees. The words don’t have much meaning for an administrative assistant or customer service rep.

However, many of these employees’ daily tasks actually fit in with digital transformation objectives. Getting the printer to work, knowing who to send a contract to, submitting an expense report - companies can’t overlook any of these aspects on their way to digital transformation because, as minor as they seem, they keep operations moving and employees productive.

With this in mind, organisations should design intelligent processes that codify, improve and automate from the bottom up. Rather than grappling with high-level, amorphous issues with no clear beginning or end, start simple. As it turns out, the processes affecting your employees on the front lines makes for the perfect place to start.

What’s so important about your front-line employees?

Front-line employees are already aware of what workflows aren’t functioning properly thanks to the sheer amount of time they wind up pouring into them. For example, 32% of employees have actually avoided sharing a document with a coworker because it takes too long to find, according to Igloo Software data. And Time etc reports another 43% of workers spend up to half their days organising meetings and calls.


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