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Playing God With Artificial Intelligence

AI has become engulfed in hysteria—its expectations have been exaggerated, widely confused, and erroneously distorted. Playing God with Artificial Intelligence dispels the misconceptions surrounding AI and forms a realistic betterment in understanding, as there is an uncensored belief in something not entirely understood. The book offers a more accurate and comprehensive notion of what is believed to be AI, what it isn’t, and what it might achieve in the future.


ZERO TO 100,000 (Pearson)

“@grattongirl is one of the people I see in the social space who really understands the art of communicating with her audience. If you want to know how to connect with the crowd effectively through social media, I can think of no one better to hold your hand on that journey” -Kate Russell, BBC Click


FOLLOW ME! (John Wiley & Sons)

In her latest book, Follow Me!  grattongirl escorts you through using Twitter to create and execute a surefire personal marketing campaign that spans the globe.



Marketing Wireless Products provides a comprehensive insight into the world of wireless technology marketing by addressing the many issues faced in effectively presenting new technology to the end user/consumer. 

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