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Aruba Instant On: The Art of the Possible means Thinking Differently

Living in the shadow of Covid has changed us all in a way that was simply unimaginable just two years back. Our lives have been irrevocably altered and, because of this, so have our mindsets.

Many of us no longer accept the traditional work vs home split as the ‘way things have to be.’ Instead, we have learned to embrace a new hybrid way of working that has proven to be a saviour for many businesses in times of great challenge due, in no small part, to the advances in connectivity that have steadily evolved through the pre-pandemic years, enabling once desk-bound staff to work safely on a remote basis.

Maximising our Hybrid Lives

So Here We All Are!

The pandemic’s impact means that, for many, we live and work ‘smarter’ now through solutions that meet the demands of, not only family, but of colleagues and clients. And this is echoed through our need for greater connectivity solutions that work right out of the box and that deliver the speed and efficiency needed to maximise our hybrid lives.

Dean and I were recently in conversation with Simon Wilson, the CTO of Aruba, for an episode of Tech Uncorked, about this very challenge.

Wilson is a firm believer in what he calls “The Art of the Possible” and is passionate about the solutions offered by Aruba in their Instant On range which, he proudly notes, “comes with Enterprise grade wi-fi (under the hood) as standard.”

“It’s perfect for a new breed of what we like to call ‘prosumers’,” he explains. “It just works and can deliver total connectivity both inside and outside a 1000sq ft home, which is pretty phenomenal.”

Blurring the Lines

And Aruba Instant On really is a Plug and Play experience, but on a business level. It further blurs the lines between work and home life, ensuring all family connectivity demands are met seamlessly. And it goes further, offering unparalleled levels of support, which Wilson assures: “Will rarely be needed but is always there.”

Indeed, Gartner has recently recognised Aruba Instant On as being the top business-grade home WiFi provider, an enviable accolade and one that is well deserved by a company that puts security at the heart of its solutions.

For Arbua, it’s all about ‘connection with protection’. Ensuring that what matters to you is instantly accessible whilst being kept safe at all times.

Built in features include two-factor authentication to protect against compromised data, secure Wi-Fi access through WPA2/WPA3/OWE authentication and embedded TMP for securely storing credentials and keys. These are essential and greatly-valued attributes of Arubas Instant On range.

In terms of speed, the Wi-fi 6 access points provide 1.7 Gbps and 4X capacity, along with capabilities to simultaneously handle multiple clients on each channel, minimize interference from cellular networks and work with all legacy devices.

A Head in the Cloud

Where it’s at is often where it’s not!

As a broadcaster and writer, I want instant access to my thoughts and ideas in a totally uncompromised way. I want to know that 24/7, 365 my content is there, securely stored and accessible - wherever I might be.

My creativity is now cloud-bound, a realisation that is, in itself, somewhat psychologically liberating. And the flow of my content is evolving in the form it takes, shifting from base letters to sounds to immersive video and more, so my connectivity solution needs to be ready and able to cope with whatever new forms of expression I throw at it.

Aruba are proud of their ability to see beyond what we need today and, instead, to look at the possibilities of tomorrow. Their solutions don’t just tackle ‘the here and now’, they also consider the what if?

For me, companies like Aruba are the business embodiment of the Vision Value Passion (VVP) proposition, a term I coined way back in 2011.

But, for Wilson, in many ways this is just the beginning. His open leadership style lends itself to a continual flow of new ideas and perspectives. “Good ideas can come from anywhere or anyone,” he explains “so it’s important to always be listening.”

A No-Boundaries Approach

And Wilson believes in the underdog. Not coming from ‘a silver spoon in the mouth’ background he has worked his way up from the ground floor and understands the needs of small businesses as well as those of the larger enterprises, with whom he regularly consults.

“The market for small business Wi-fi is growing significantly, he notes. “Aruba now has a proposition to deliver enterprise quality Wi-fi and security in an affordable way that will help small businesses achieve the same kind of mobility and user experiences currently enjoyed by large enterprises.”

It’s this kind of David AND Goliath approach that has helped propel a new ‘no boundaries’ business mentality from those who would previously have felt ‘locked out’ of the game.

For Wilson, business achievement should begin first and foremost with a great idea, supported by passion, hard work, creativity and commitment. It’s this, rather than the number of zeros following the comma in your bank statement, that should determine your success, he feels.

Our discussion with Wilson was both an eye and mind-opening one and the resulting Tech Uncorked episode, thanks to Wilson’s refreshing insights, has received an unprecedented amount of positive feedback.

Ultimately, Aruba are proud to shout out that their “20-year history has been marked by the vision to think differently,” and with Wilson at the helm of their continued connectivity evolution, the ‘Art of the Possible’ seems set to long continue.

Listen to the Aruba Instant On Tech Uncorked Episode here.

For more information click here.


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