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Ericsson’s Ringside Sessions: Pushing Industry Boundaries makes for Unmissable Viewing

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Broaching the issues that really matter, turns what could be just another lukewarm technology discussion into something quite extraordinary.

“It’s important to ensure that everyone has a voice” says multi-award winning futurist and presenter Shivvy Jervis, as we chat about her role as moderator of Ericsson’s Ringside sessions, the first of which discussed what it takes for an operator to become successful in the IoT market. It was hugely popular throughout the telecoms industry, with an audience that included not just the operators, but also the wider industry, along with the media and even the regulators themselves.

Shivvy certainly has a lot of experience under her belt when it comes to leading a great discussion and has earned her reputation as a technology trailblazer. Now, as we discuss Ericsson’s next Ringside session, “Is 5G the key to secure IoT & Industry 4.0?” which will be broadcast live on 6th December, her enthusiasm is almost tangible.

The Issues that Matter

Never one to sit quietly on the side-lines, Shivvy isn’t afraid to broach the issues that really matter, turning what could be just another lukewarm technology discussion into something quite extraordinary.

“It’s all about pushing boundaries and asking the hard-hitting questions that take people out of their comfort zone. That’s what a great discussion is all about and where the great insights come from” Shivvy exclaims.

And it’s a philosophy that drives Ericsson’s goal of listening to and supporting businesses of all sizes. Their Ringside Sessions are a perfect example of just how effective this approach can be.

A Unique Opportunity

The forthcoming session will address the cyber-security challenges surrounding IoT and Industry 4.0, both buzzing topics of contention for the telecoms industry right now, and will discuss whether 5G might address these. The hour-long debate will bring together operators, industry customers, along with a leading security specialist, to deliver their insightful perspectives and to answer the questions that really matter to the viewers.

As the event is broadcast live, it will tap into social media in terms of a monitored twitter stream, providing the audience with a rare, real-time opportunity to participate in a conversation that is set to to lift the lid on the emerging cyber threat landscape.

Questions asked will include:

· What new possibilities are emerging for cyber-attacks and what could be the consequences?

· What does ‘being secure’ mean for IoT & Industry 4.0?

· How do hackers think?

· Can the conventional IT model do the job?

· Can 5G offer a better security solution?

· How do we make the risks acceptable for IoT & Industry 4.0?

A Philosophy of Discovery

It’s not about ploughing existing fields but, instead, sowing new seeds of insight and unearthing potential new solutions through unabashedly honest conversation.

Ericsson’s Ringside Sessions have been developed from these principles of ongoing learning and discovery, and their choice of Shivvy as a moderator is a masterstroke in unmissable programming.

Register now for the next Ringside Session on 6th December: Is 5G the key to secure IoT & Industry 4.0? And don’t forget to follow the hashtag #RingsideSessions on Twitter to have your say on the industry issues that matter to you.


The above post is sponsored as part of Ericsson’s Ambassador program.


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