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Five Incredible Women in Tech to Follow this International Women's Day

I wanted to celebrate this International Women's Day by spotlighting five very special women who inspire me every day and who I am both privileged and honoured to call my friends.

These incredible women are breaking boundaries and laying the foundation for future generational success. On International Women's Day, and on every day for that matter, it's important to remember that each woman who succeeds in tech paves the way for those who follow, multiplying our potential for innovation.

Professor Sally Eaves – The first lady of ‘Tech for Good’

Prof. Sally Eaves is one smart cookie! She has been described as the ‘torchbearer for ethical tech’ and does so much to lift the lid on its potential.

Sally is an international advocate for opening access to opportunity and has founded Aspirational Futures to help skill, empower, and support the next generation of interdisciplinary talent into careers yet to be conceived,.

Sally also specialises in scaling the application of emergent technology as an enabler for business transformation and social good.

Beverley Eve

Beverley Eve is the co-founder of TechMode, a global award-winning B2B Thought Leadership and Influencer Marketing agency specialising in the technology sector.

Beverley, or Bev to her friends, has the gift of putting the ‘human' into technology and shining a light on its 'value' is something that both she and her fellow co-founder Chelsea Larson-Andrews excel at.

As a result, TechMode has been recognised by Corporate Excellence Awards as the "Best B2B Influencer Marketing Company in the UK” and "Global B2B Influencer Marketing Company of the Year" by IE 100 for two years in a row.

Bev’s passion for innovation is evident in everything she does and all she continues to achieve.

Chelsea Larson-Andrews

Chelsea Larson-Andrews, who co-founded TechMode with Beverley Eve, has also co-founded two other successful tech industry companies and was the Senior Director of Marketing and Events for a software developer trade association.

She is acknowledged as being one of the leading global women in technology and has collaborated with some of the most innovative Fortune 500 tech brands.

Chelsea has worked on hundreds of campaigns producing thousands of pieces of thought leadership content from videos to text articles, to podcasts, and more.

Her vibrant personality and her passion for what she does is a beacon for anyone wanting to blaze a trail in the tech arena.

Geraldine (Gerry) Lee

Geraldine (Gerry) Lee is not only an amazing businesswoman, she’s also a constant ray of sunshine in my world!

As media lead for Ericsson's Business Area Networks, Gerry drives proactive and reactive media engagement and outreach.

She describes herself as “a communicator by day, a community explorer by night.”

Talk to Gerry about marketing intelligence, integrated marketing & communications, media relations, content curation, market research, technology, social science, and games.

Gerry has also been on a learning journey in the game development world alongside her partner, where together they launched an indie adventure game, CAT & ONION on and Steam.

Helen Mackenzie

Helen Mackenzie is the Head of Sales and Community at the Art of Procurement (AOP). Her incredible career journey started in accountancy, moving on to becoming a Government Policy Advisor, where she created strategies to reduce both poverty and crime.

Helen then moved into business improvement and later became Head of Exchequer Services but, as she says herself, “it wasn’t enough; I wanted something to fuel my passion.”

Her role at the Art of Procurement (AOP) is nothing short of a career love story.

“It's fantastic to have a role where I can help our community access the insight and resources they need so that procurement can make a positive impact on the world,” she says.


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