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The all-in-one mobile service solution set to transform the customer experience

I’ve often talked about the growing importance of ‘always on’ connectivity. After all, we live in a world, where keeping in touch has become more crucial than ever.

For many of us today, remote working has broken the chains of the traditional nine-to-five model of employment, along with its often-tedious commute and has freed us from the physical constraints of lockdown, allowing us to hold our meetings, chat with clients and showcase those all-important presentations from the comfort and security of our homes.

Even events have evolved into digitalized masterpieces of collaboration, with 5G opening up seemingly endless opportunities to come together whilst apart.

Innovative new approaches to the services we rely on show us that an always-connected world is moving closer to becoming the reality it should be.

And then there’s the huge shift in the popularity of ecommerce, with society desperately needing a safer and easier way to shop. People of all generations – not just ‘digital natives’ – have become increasingly more confident and comfortable with online engagements and transactions[1].

Yes, connectivity has become significantly more than just a ‘good to have’. The combining of the pandemic with disruptive technology has resulted in a dramatic transformation of societal needs, where we have become far more digitally focused and have well and truly stepped into the era of the cloud[2].

It’s that old adage, we turn on a tap and we expect to get water. We don’t need to know where it comes from! Well, we’ve absolutely turned on our connectivity taps and we now expect a steady flow that simply brings us what we need when we need it.

With this transformation of expectations comes a growing need to ensure that our customer experiences are as simple and transparent as possible. One frequently reported consumer issue is the ‘blame game’ played between multiple support teams, [JS1] with constant to-ing and fro-ing between departments, peppered with the occasional ‘please hold’ thrown in for good measure.

The entire process is long overdue an overhaul steered by a new way of thinking about service provision and how to deliver it under one roof.

One company that recognises this and is transforming the customer experience for the better is HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones. Their upcoming launch of a disruptive mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) namely HMD Mobile, promises to be a one-stop-shop solution for customers requiring that all important connectivity with ‘always on’ reliability.

For me, it’s a no-brainer solution in terms of both its simplicity and transparency, setting a new benchmark for the industry through the perfect union of sales and service.

HMD Mobile successfully combines the value of a monthly subscription with the flexibility of subscription charging, along with easy access to support, data tracking and more, all backed by HMD Global’s internal code of excellence.

HMD Global’s CEO, Florian Seiche explained “We are listening to our fans. We have seen how much they are responding to online shopping and wanted to go one step further. The result is our own independent mobile connectivity service which guarantees transparency, flexibility, and competitive tariffs. We want our customers to love their phone experience and we are proud to continue to offer a seamless experience to our fans.”

The service has recently launched in the UK and claims to offer fast network speeds with the best geographical coverage across the country[JS2] [SJG3] ¹.

“Delivering on our promise to democratise mobile technology, we are now able to offer UK connectivity to mobile customers at a truly affordable price without long term commitments,” added HMD Global’s, UK General Manager, Omar Riaz

“[It] will further cement HMD Global’s position within the telecoms industry as a company that delivers innovative solutions,” he added.

Innovative new approaches to the services we rely on show us that an always-connected world is moving closer to becoming the reality it should be. Customers of the service will also find the move to 5G a simple and transparent one, with 5G-ready SIMs installed as standard, making replacing your SIM card for 5G connectivity a thing of the past, once the service is rolled-out nationwide.

It’s all about connectivity; our lifeline and in many respects our psychological saviour

It’s often the little things that make the biggest difference to our lives. The seamless simplicity of the service/sales solution afforded by HMD Global isn’t rocket science after all – it’s common sense. A simple and brilliant revision of what society needs from their mobile phone providers and how to best deliver it.

We live in a forever-changed world, an endemic now, that will unequivocally persist and to which we must all adapt in order to survive and thrive. Our adaption will involve further technological disruption to all aspects of business, education, travel and community and will continue to impact upon every part of global communications.

As I said at this beginning of this piece, it’s all about connectivity; our lifeline and in many respects our psychological saviour. I have no doubt that, despite the many losses we have all faced, the invisible thread of digitalisation that has been woven into the fabric of today’s society will, over time, weave a tapestry of hope for tomorrow’s generations.

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This is a sponsored post for HMD Global


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