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Top 10 Internet of Things(IoT) and Smart Home Influencers You Should be Following

The days of questioning whether connected devices, home automation, and smart home security are legitimate tools for the home are way behind us.

Those “in the know” are using these products, services, and tools to simplify their day-to-day lives and enhance their homes. Some are making their home a secure fortress while others just want to turn down the lights from their the comfort of their couch.

The following influencers are all contributing to the growth of the smart home and IoT industries in their own way and are driving adoption to the masses. Who are they, and why should you be following them? Here’s your answer:

Alain Regnier, CTO @ Alto Labs

Alain is in the know. He runs Alto Labs, an R&D and Prototyping lab, out of France. His 10+ years in Silicon Valley put him at at the doorstep of new technology and he continues to tweet about he sees at tech conferences and on the web. It’s great to see what’s happening globally (European Market) in IoT and Smart Home, and he’s certainly in the thick of it. (And we won’t hold it against him that he’s a self proclaimed “Google Glass Specialist”)

Angel Piontek, Creative Director @ Coldwell Banker

Angel is right in the mix of smart home — she’s helping sell them! It’s exciting to get her perspective on industry as CB realtors continue listing more and more homes with connected devices. She tweets about products that she’s buying/trying out and broader effects they’re having on the Real Estate industry. Exciting stuff!

Antonio Grasso, Digital Business Innovation Srl

Antonio claims to be a digital transformation addict and is highly skilled in Skilled in Digital Strategy, Digital Transformation, Business Planning,Requirements Analysis, and ITIL. His project to help young students in developing countries has generated amazing engagement and support. Antonio is a well loved IoT and smart home influencer, and an all round nice guy!

Christopher Mims, Technology columnist @ Wall Street Journal

Christopher has his fingers on the pulse of it all. If you want the latest news and articles on all things internet related, look no further. For good reason, his mastery of pen and tech have led to features in publications like Technology Review, Wired, and the Atlantic.

David Copeland, IoT @ Vodafone

David has a ton of experience building out digital solutions for apps, sites, and portals. His knowledge of the tech industry is far-reaching and tweets bring playful insight about the IoT and mobile industries. Plus he shares some pretty awesome video captures from his Arlo smart camera!

Dean Anthony Gratton, Tech Futurist and Influencer

Dean has led a broad career within the industry and is an accomplished software engineer and technology futurist. He’s lent his skills and knowledge to leaders like Bluetooth, ZigBee, Z-Wave (to name a few) and tweets extensively about IoT, Big Data, the Connected, Smart Cities, and automation. He also loves fedoras!

Evan Kirstel, IoT Expert

The title says it all! Evan has worked with the best of them: IBM, NEC, Pitney Bowes and shared his knowledge on stages across the world. His tweets cover all things tech, IoT, and smart home related and are, well, very frequent. You won’t miss a beat when you give him a follow!

Julie Jacobson, Founding Editor @ CE Pro

It wouldn’t be a stretch to label Julie the queen of custom electronic installations. Self proclaimed “That Home Automation Girl,” her tweets truly offer a deep breadth of knowledge on all things (smart) home and automation. Her writing for CE Pro proves that Julie has a strong grasp on all that is happening in the smart home automation industry (and a playful personality)!

Hagai Feiner, Founder/CEO @ Access Networks

Hagai is a technology evangelist and founder of Access Networks the premier enterprise-grade networking solutions provider for the modern home. He also serves on the board of CEDIA (the leading authority on home technology) which clearly speaks to his industry experience and comprehension. His tweets often showcase his experiences with tech, funny gifs, and the latest and greatest products.

Tamara McCleary, CEO / Founder @ Thulium

It’s no surprise that Tamara is a social media influencer… that’s exactly what her company Thulium (Influencer Marketing Agency) does. But its her knowledge of the Smart Home and IoT space that gets her on this list. She frequently posts about emerging technology and brands that are pioneers in the industry.

(This list has been amended and was originally published by Axius Blog:


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