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UK's soil health at breaking point: Campaigners urge immediate measures

With Organic September now well and truly in full-flow across the UK, environmental campaigners are raising the red flag over the country's worsening soil conditions. They are calling for swift and decisive action from both the government and the private sector to halt the ongoing soil degradation that jeopardises both food security and environmental well-being.

The Imperative for Regenerative Agriculture

Catherine Jadav, a leading researcher in Compassion in World Farming, stressed the urgency of transitioning away from intensive farming methods that have been wreaking havoc on soil health. "The UK government must take a leaf out of the European Union's book and set ambitious targets for organic farming. The time for embracing regenerative farming techniques is now," she insisted.

Soil Boosters: A Beacon for Sustainable Farming

In the eye of this storm, soil boosters, such as that developed by agritech firm Soilpoint, emerge as a viable solution for farmers keen to restore their soil's vitality.

These innovative products replenish essential nutrients and offer a sustainable alternative for those committed to eco-friendly farming practices.

SoilPoint’s primary objectives are to supply farmers and growers with innovative products that diminish the use of the traditional, poisonous, chemical and synthetic components whilst increasing biodiversity and resilience to climate instability, enriching soils, and enhancing ecosystem services.

The reduction of global emissions of GHGs, optimising nutrient use efficiency and improving overall plant nutrition are all proven benefits of switching to a soil booster solution.

The Gravity of the Crisis

Praveena Sridhar, Chief Technical Officer at Save Soil, didn't mince her words about the severity of the crisis. "Soil degradation is not just an environmental issue; it's a ticking time bomb that threatens our food security, public health, and even societal stability.

"Collective action is needed to implement regenerative and protective soil techniques," she warned.

No Time to Waste

Echoing this sentiment, Ellen Fay, Founder and Executive Director of the Sustainable Soils Alliance, said, "Merely acknowledging the problem won't cut it; what we need is immediate action." Gareth Morgan, who heads farming policy at the Soil Association, described the rate at which soils are degrading as "alarming" and called for public support in urging the government to reduce reliance on fossil fuel-based fertilisers.

Government's Stance

A spokesperson from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) acknowledged the critical role of soil health, stating, "Healthy and resilient soil is at the heart of our environmental targets and is key to improving farm profitability."

As the UK faces this urgent soil health crisis, the clarion call for a green revolution in farming practices is becoming increasingly loud. With the advent of soil boosters and a collective will for sustainable agriculture, there's a glimmer of hope for reversing soil degradation.


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